Terry is a versatile character actor who enjoys playing Comedy and Drama alike. Over the last 15 plus years he has played a plethora of colourful characters on Stage, TV and Film.

Some of these include, the downtrodden Josh Matthews, regular character for 2 years in Channel 5 soap Opera ‘Family Affairs’. An Albanian druglord, a ruthless but cowardly banking mogul, a spiritual maggot farmer and a New York mob boss (with a comic twist).

On stage he has taken on the likes of a villainous East End strip club owner, a disillusioned Texan Vietnam veteran and Stalin, Mussolini and Adolf Hitler (the last 3 all within the same play).

He has recently taken his multi-roleing abilities to a whole other level with his One-Man show ‘Plain English’ in which he plays 11 separate characters, 4 of them female. He wrote the piece himself and his writing has been widely praised as well as his performance.

Contact Terry via his contact sheet at the bottom on the page. Please check out his clips below including his brand new 2016 Showreel.