Looking to hire a Voiceover Artist?

Terry brings his warm voice and various accents to bear on the voiceover world. Including adverts, narration and much more. Terry has a selection of his work available for listening.

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Looking to hire an actor?

Terry is first and foremost an actor. After graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 1998, he promptly won the role of Josh Matthews in the Channel 5 soap Opera Family Affairs.

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Looking to hire a live singer?

As well as being an Actor, Terry is an accomplished soul & swing singer. Terry supplements his living singing and performing at pubs, clubs, weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate events.

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Plain English is a 'hilarious and often moving' one man show

This one man show explores the trials and tribulations of Michael England, a newly qualified teacher, full of optimistic idealism, determined to enhance the lives and entrance the minds of an unruly bunch of kids in an inner city state school.

His “New-agey” teaching methods are not approved of by his old school head of dept Mr Cooper who believes that discipline is paramount and Mr England discovers that he may have a point when the situation takes a decidedly darker turn.

It features an array of colourful characters from a 15yr old rapper to teacher stuck in the 70's with a penchant for pickled eggs!

Plain English dates can be found by checking Terry's Blog for more details


  • “Terence Burns is perfectly cast as the sleazy club owner, Parnell. His scenes with Monique are particularly convincing, causing hair to stand up on the back of the neck at his disturbing and realistically

    - Skye Crawford, Fringe Review, 30th August 2009., Hooked, George 2 at the Edinburgh Festival
  • “The sleazy club owner (Terence Burns) is especially well acted in his brutality and indifference, adding poignancy to the suffering of those wrapped up in this unwholesome world.”


    - Magnus Huntly-Grant, 13th August 2009, Hooked, George 2 at Edinburgh Festival
  • “Terence burns plays the part of the shady cockney club manager entertainingly and delivered the best “F**k off” this Londonista has seen in a long time.”
    - The Londonist, 2nd August 2009, Hooked, Theatre 503 in Battersea

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